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Discovering Your Life Purpose PLR Ebook

This is a brand new ebook all about discovering your life purpose. 

Written in a down-to-earth, conversational style, it takes the reader by the hand and guides them in connecting to their true "essence" - the traits, interests and natural talents that make them unique - and shows them how to form them into a more purposeful life, whether in a fulfilling career or generally in their everyday activities.

Also sprinkled throughout the book are a few worksheets to help them better define their life purpose and how they might begin living it, and each chapter also includes a related famous quote.

Total page count:  30  -  Total word count:  9,067

Chapters and sub-sections:

- What is a Life Purpose?
  Where Does a Life Purpose Come From?
  How Do You Know If You Have a Life Purpose?

- Life Purpose vs. Living Purposefully
  Do You Really Need a Purpose?
  Benefits of Living Purposefully

- How Do You Find Your Purpose?
  It’s Already Within You!
  Identifying Your Passions
  Putting the Pieces Together

- I Still Don't Know What My Purpose Is!
  Think Back to a More Magical Time
  Windows to Other Worlds
  World Wide Possibilities
  Social Clues 

- How to Live Your Purpose
  Does Your Purpose Have to Be Your Career?
  The Steps that Lead to Fulfillment of Your Purpose

- Your Purpose Isn’t Just About YOU
  It’s Your Gift to the World
  There’s Something Special About You
  People Need What You Have to Offer

- It's Not All Up to You

- Possible Challenges You’ll Face
  Fear of Change
  Lack of Belief
  If You Do What You Love, Will the Money Follow?
  Charging Money for Your “Gifts”
  Slow Progress
  Balance and Responsibility
  Keeping Those Fires Burning
  Success in Dealing With Challenges

- Surrendering to the Journey
  Letting Your Inner Wisdom Lead
  Choosing the Easy Way
  Allowing Your Purpose to Evolve
  Living Moment to Moment

See an excerpt here

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